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Fort Lauderdale Art Salons

The Perfect Art Salon Experience!

GÇócrowd                                        DECORATIVE ARTS AND FINE ANTIQUES

All our gratitude to Debbie & Craig Mayor, Lars Hegelund, Chris Mayor and Andrea for hosting us in your elegant gallery!

On Thursday evening, July 24, 2014 we were fortunate enough to have the KICKOFF of the 2014 Venetian Arts Society Season in the Versailles-style atmosphere of Decorative Arts & Fine Antiques (DAFA). It was truly an Extraordinary Experience! Please visit for directions and more information on this prestigious, unique, and beautiful gallery!

Decorative Art & Fine Antiques, Inc.
Address: 3263 N Dixie Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
Phone:(954) 567-1570

We especially would like to thank the celebrated Cuban/American Maestro of the guitarJose Angel Navarro .for honoring us with a glimpse of the genius that has made him a legend throughout the concert halls of the world. His individual style, technique, “sound,” and concepts of Afro-Cuban music have been praised by the great masters of the instrument as being a total innovation in the sense of conceptual sonority and sound as a patrimony inside the composition for the guitar of Latin America. His personally developed technique is acclaimed by top musicians worldwide as unique in the world. Included in this technique is his ability to imitate the sounds of the traditional ceremonial drums on the guitar by applying a left-handed muffled harmonics with the simultaneous played notes. While he is classified by the guitar world as being one of the fastest guitar players, he has the ability to make his hands seem at a stand still. One can appreciate the brilliance of his speed and technique in all of his music whether he plays Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, Fusion, or New Age.

Photos by AJ Epstein


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