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Fort Lauderdale Art Salons

“The Performer’s Studio” with Virginia Zeani, Legendary Prima Donna

Venetian Arts Society


Campus on the Lake at The Society of The Four Arts presents a The Performer’s Studio at Campus on the Lake. This unique and innovative educational concept presents International Master Performing Artists of all disciplines of the cultural arts in intimate and interactive performances and Master Classes. The Master Artist will demonstrate and coach one-on-one with aspiring performing artists from local high schools and colleges.

The Performer’s Studio is also open to the public so that like-minded arts enthusiasts may participate, observe, and enjoy this extraordinary interactive concept.  This incubator atmosphere will address all aspects of the journey from childhood dream, through education, technical development, and to the reality of living “The Life of the Professional Performer.”

The goal is to create an educational platform to encompass technique, education, history, styles, theater, stage movement, health and physical issues, scheduling, and the business issues of a career in the arts. We have requested that the artist discuss their personal path from childhood through high school and college, through the semi-professional internship period, and into the professional arena. The 21st century professional performing artist has many issues with which to deal in order to present the most complete, professional, technically proficient, and artistically sound “package,” and our goal is to impress the necessity for a balanced combination of skill, talent, intelligence, determination, and perseverance in every student.




“…above and beyond life’s trivialities.”


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