News & Events Up to May 2015

Fort Lauderdale Art Salons

19305_10205308177277948_901750638129944655_n “Florida” A Seminole Girl
Celebrating the anniversary of 500 years of Florida
A bronze sculpture by Nilda Comas

   Grand Unveiling at Stranahan Landing
A monument to the enduring presence of the Seminole People of Florida

Friday, March 20, 2015
12:00 Noon-1:00 pm
           Directly across from the historic Stranahan house on the South banks of the New River

A collaborative project of the City of Fort Lauderdale, Seminole Tribe of Florida, Venetian Arts Society, Nilda Comas, sculptor, and A.J. Acker, benefactor.

Seminole Girl Sculpture Project FLORIDA
In Celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the State of Florida

The Seminole Girl FLORIDA!  Nilda Comas, world renowned sculptor, and Elgin Jumper, Seminole artist, present The Seminole Indian Girl FLORIDA. The life sized bronze sculpture shows a Seminole Girl dancing while holding Palmetto leaves, and on the base, it has a baby alligator and an Everglades dancing crane. The bronze life size sculpture of Seminole Girl will be placed on the South side of the New River at Stranahan Landing, which is across the Stranahan House, located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Seminole Girl is about bringing Seminole presence downtown.  The Seminole Tribe of Florida has given 50% of the cost of the sculpture and the City of Fort Lauderdale is donating the land to create a permanent work of art for the 500th Anniversary of Florida. Children from the Seminole Tribe will be creating colorful ceramic tiles depicting Florida’s flora and fauna to be placed on the ground surrounding the sculpture. The other 500 tiles with the name of each supporting donor will make colorful bands like Seminole patchwork and will be sold for $100.00 each to fund the remaining 50% of the cost. These tiles will be installed on the base of the sculpture. This part of the project will celebrate our 500 year anniversary, while building a tribute to Seminole Culture.  The sculpture will be interactive, as with the swipe of your cell phone you will hear recordings of sounds of the Everglades, Seminole children singing in Miccosukee, all ages of the Tribe in celebration of their rich culture.

To purchase your personalized tile on the New River on Seminole Girl base make checks payable to Venetian


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