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An Historical and Artistic Triumph!

Last Tuesday evening’s concert by Giovanni Amenta, Diana Kazakova, and Michael Battle “Amidst the Treasures of the Uffizi Museum” at Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale was a riveting “historical and artistic” experience that totally captivated and overwhelmed everyone who had the honor to be present. Giovanni and Diana both have beautiful God-given instruments and they, as well as Michael, have the technique, knowledge and integrity of seasoned worldclass artists, but this, alone, is not what created the magic of Tuesday evening…beautiful sound, precise technique, and gorgeous stage sets are easily found on any stage in any city of the world and, as a matter of fact, are a given in today’s world. When these individual qualities come together with the honest and generous soul of a true artist, or artists in this case, within such awe-inspiring grandeur as the Uffizi treasures, the resulting experience is overwhelming and certainly one never to be forgotten… the guests in attendance on Tuesday evening, March 27, 2012 at Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale were witnesses and, yes, “participants” of such an extraordinary experience.

We are extremely fortunate and honored to have within our community a museum of such international prominence as Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale and it is indeed an extremely rare, virtually unheard of, opportunity to have such a concert experience amidst one of the great collections of the world such as the famed Uffizi Museum of Florence, Italy. There are not words for me to express my gratitude for the opportunity to meet and work with artists of the caliber of Giovanni, Diana and Michael and for the honor of collaborating with such an esteemed institution as Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale/Nova Southeastern University. “Thank you” to Irvin Lippman and Gail Vilone at Museum of Art for believing in this project and making it a reality…this will truly be a hard act to follow!


Thank you to these wonderful businesses and organizations for making this concert possible….


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