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KICKOFF Fundraiser Event Seminole Girl FLORIDA Project

Seminole Girl photo

KICKOFF Event for the Fundraiser for Seminole Girl Sculpture Project FLORIDA
VAS JANUARY ART SALON SOCIAL   Thursday, January 23, 2014 7-9 pm (Please note the change of venue) 2509 Aqua Vista Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 $10.00 VAS Members  $30.00 Guests Dress as you wish to be remembered…

Seminole Girl Sculpture Project: FLORIDA, celebrating our state’s 500th Anniversary!
Join us for the first Venetian Art Salon Social of 2014 as we begin the fundraising for  the Seminole Girl Sculpture Project: FLORIDA, celebrating our state’s 500th Anniversary, The Salon will be hosted at the beautiful Intercoastal estate of James Case, one of Fort Lauderdale’s most prominent attorneys. Nilda Comas, the world renowned sculptor, and her assistant for this project, Elgin Jumper, Seminole artist, will be in attendance to unveil the model and to discuss this extraordinary work of art. There will personally guided tours of the private art collection of James Case, which includes many works by Nilda Comas, as well as Edvard Munch, Salvador Dali, Leroy Neiman, and a variety of other celebrated artists.

Why is tonight’s Salon different?  This is the night we will be thanking Chairman James Billie,  Seminole Tribal Council, and the Seminole Nation of Florida for making it possible to bring our two nations together for the great celebration of life for them making a permanent presence by having the “Seminole Girl” sculpture  in downtown Fort Lauderdale and making this history.  It allows us to remember the great presence the Seminole has made in our society. 
We know that the “breath giver” shall witness this evening with great joy.
 Many dignitaries of Fort Lauderdale and the Seminole Indian Tribe will be on hand in support of Seminole Girl Sculpture Project: FLORIDA, to show the community spirit that exists in Broward County by bringing the presence of the Seminoles in the heart of downtown Ft. Lauderdale.  This will be a reminder of our rich History.  We will expose the beauty of the State of Florida through children’s art and, in particular, the art of the Seminole Indians.
The evening’s artistic experience will be completed with a “Cameo” performance by celebrated South Korean soprano, ALEXIS J. PARK.

 This bronze Sculpture by Nilda Comas named “Florida” shows a Seminole Girl dancing, while holding Palmetto leaves, and on the base, it has a baby alligator and an Everglades dancing crane. This will be an interactive Sculpture permanently installed at Stranahan Landing, directly across the New River overlooking Stranahan House.    

The Seminole Indians were the earliest settlers in the Ft. Lauderdale area.  Historically their culture has existed longer than any other in Broward county.  This project will bring into focus the creativity that exists in their culture while engaging them with other community members hopefully bringing about a better understanding of cultural diversity..  and of the history of our state. The Stranahan House across the New River marks a historical landmark that is seen from the site Stranahan Landing.   

The Seminole Tribe of Florida has given 50% of the cost of the sculpture and the City of Fort Lauderdale is donating the land to create a permanent work of art for the 500th Anniversary of Florida.  Community children from the City of Fort Lauderdale and from the Seminole Tribe will be creating 500 colorful ceramic tiles depicting Florida’s flora and fauna.   These 500 tiles will be sold for $100.00 each for the remaining 50% of the cost and will be installed on the base of the sculpture and its surroundings.  This part of the project will celebrate our 500 year anniversary, while building a  tribute to Seminole Culture.     “Above and beyond life’s trivialities…” Willie


One comment on “KICKOFF Fundraiser Event Seminole Girl FLORIDA Project

    March 28, 2014

    The evening was so exciting just being a part of all this great talent thank you for having us Kellyann Maguire member of the pompano beach public art committee Nilda Comas has a special gift with her art and her sweet way about her

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