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Fort Lauderdale Art Salons

The Art of the Seminole Indians

Seminole_Indian_art_1The Venetian Arts Society and The Fort Lauderdale Historical Society presented a month long exhibition of The Art of The Seminole Indians. Opening on Friday May 24, the month featured the Venetian Arts Society signature Art Salon-style with Seminole foods, wines, art, music, dance, and poetry. In other words, we are attempted to fulfill the VAS mission statement of highlighting the multi-cultural diversity of our community, this time featuring the Seminole Indians. This was a unique opportunity to not only enjoy a piece of original native culture, but also support The Historical Society’s amazing grounds and programs, as well as the Seminole Indians, who are truly a little known, yet critical aspect of our community’s history.

History and Art are so closely related as it is our artists who tell our human history in all forms of art…visual, music, dance, literature, theater, and story telling. Venetian Arts Society’s Art Salons feature all the visual and performing arts happening simultaneously and interactively, and we thoroughly  celebrated a part of our local history, the Seminole Indians, though their art and culture.


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