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Fort Lauderdale Art Salons

Nilda Comas and Lourdes Valentin rock our worlds!

This was the ULTIMATE VAS 21st century Art Salon Experience!! It was an outrageously spectacular of evening of art, music, dance, food, wine and spontaneous fun in Nilda Comas old world studio/gallery, The Legacy Studio. Nilda welcomed the crowd of 70 plus guests and set the evening in motion. Then Lourdes Valentin jumped on the band wagon and she and Nilda, a fellow Puerto Rican, led us through their dream worlds of Puerto Rican art and music. After a few glasses of wine and many laughs, Nilda, Angeliki Piroulas, and Gabriel Ugas took turns partnering in the tango raised the temperature several degrees. I simply do not have the words…! These special evenings happen only every so often, so make sure you are around for the next one. Nilda Maria Comas work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions, museums and galleries in the U.S. and abroad. She has received numerous grants and awards: a bronze medal and two Agopoff Memorial Prizes from the National Sculpture Society in New York, of which she recently became an “elected” member; first prize from the Hambro Bank, London; and The Award for Excellence from the Society of Women Artists in London. Her works have been exhibited at the the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, Palm Beach; the National Sculpture Society, New York; Accademia di Belli Arte Carrara, Italy; Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, Italy; and Westminister Gallery, London.
Lourdes Valentin, known as LuLu, continues to make her mark on the South Florida music scene. Her music performances and vast vocal range, crosses over from Jazz Blues, Swing, Classical, Broadway tunes, Latin to Modern Day Pop. She possesses a tone and technique that are sensual and heart-warming. Audiences have fallen in love with her, both as an incredibly talented solo artist whose stage presence can only be described as mesmerizing and as the lead vocalist of her own band.


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