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The Artistry of the Human Voice!


Last November 22 and 23, we presented the “Debut” of the “Up Close & Personal at Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale” series at Museum of Art which featured the opera sensation ELIZABETH CABALLERO, soprano. With this gala 2-day event, we celebrated the 5th Anniversary of Classical South Florida 89.7 FM with an “Up Close & Personal” concert and a non-traditional masterclass/interview in the style of James Lipton’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” We are extremely proud to say that this “debut” was a critical and artistic success!

The intimate and interactive setting of the the VAS Art Salon has quickly become renowned for it’s extraordinarily high quality of artistry combined with good food, wine, and conversation. The Art Salon experience is meant to both “please and educate” and we are now taking this concept to a “World Class” level with a series of International Master Vocal Artists in a most unique and innovative 21st century Art Salon atmosphere within various and appropriate settings at Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale/Nova Southeastern University. Our goal to find a middle ground between a formal concert and the intimate ambience of a sophisticated, yet fun, Art Salon and present master vocal artist who adorn the great stages of the world, but “Up Close & Personal.”.

On Wednesday evening, November 28, 2012 in the most appropriate place for a Grand Art Salon, the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, the glorious diva, Elizabeth Caballero, not only shared the glory of her God-given voice, but spoke to us about each piece and shared the insights of an artist at work. Those of us present were most fortunate to gain the artist’s insight and to witness a moment in time that shall never ever come again!

The following morning, Elizabeth spoke to our audience regarding the life of the singing actor in opera. This was a rare opportunity for a “Conversation with the Artist” as audience listened to and questioned the artist about her life, artistry, and profession.

I, for one, am in awe of the stars in the heavens and lilies of the valley… and, also, of the sound of the voice of God as it speaks through


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