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May’s Art Salon: a Full House of Artists and Art Enthusiasts

The overwhelming attendance of May’s gathering certainly confirms that we must be doing something right! The evening might have been a little crowded and disorganized, but the Art Salon took on a life of it’s own with our members and guests talking, laughing, learning, experiencing, and simply “creating magic.” Each of our prior Salon experiences has had it’s own unique personality and last Friday’s is true to form! I say “Bravi tutti” to all those who attended and made it such a fun, inspiring, and somewhat “wild” evening…”above and beyond life’s trivialities.”

Congratulations to our talented members Angela Esper-Pena and Sonia Lewis and thank you both so much for sharing your beautiful and provocative work. VAS is an organization of artists from all walks of life…students, amateurs, professionals, and we are truly honored that these wonderfully creative individuals are willing to share their thoughts, dreams, and secrets with us. To be an artist is to expose one’s soul…to make oneself totally vulnerable. It takes not only talent, but a good deal of courage to be an artist and I applaud these ladies!

Jose Angel Navarro is a musician and master technician “par excellence” and continues to awe with his thrilling virtuosity and endless creativity on the guitar.  We are indeed fortunate to have such a rare “musical artist” living in our community and, again, an artist who so freely shares these talents. Please make sure to visit Jose’s website at to learn more about his mastery, style, and international career.  The Venetian Arts Society is quite proud and honored to have such accomplished artists as part of our membership and it simply reinforces the fact that there are indeed “miracles” among us!

On behalf of the members of VAS and our guests, I would like to personally thank John Hech for opening his new business, “The Crepeteria,” for our monthly Art Salon last Friday evening and for presenting such a delicious sampling of some of his ever-changing menu selection. “The Crepeteria” is a unique and charming concept and offers the public many wonderful and quite needed options for entertaining. Whether a chic meal with friends or a venue rental for small and sophisticated gatherings, we hope you will make sure to visit “The Crepeteria again very soon and recommend it to your friends. Thank you again, John, for opening your charming restaurant to Venetian Arts Society and being such a generous supporter of the cultural arts in our community!

Before I forget, dear friends, please make sure to RSVP in the future so we may be prepared…my heart can only take so much! LOL



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