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Fort Lauderdale Art Salons

Arts Salons in the 21st Century

The Venetian Arts Society (VAS) is a gathering of artists and arts-enthusiasts in an intimate and interactive Art Salon atmosphere to celebrate the multi-cultural diversity of our community through the performing, visual, and literary arts. The Art Salon concept  is a means for artists and those interested in all the art forms to meet, discuss, and to engage with artistic performances, discussions, and exhibitions…basically, to please and educate.

The VAS Art Salon allows us to live together not by looking at each other but by looking together in the same direction. This is a unique opportunity in South Florida for those desiring an inspiring artistic experience, stimulating conversation and a connection with artists and like-minded arts enthusiasts.

The Salon experience centers around a group of artists and arts-enthusiasts meeting to discuss and demonstrate ideas, concepts, techniques, inspiration, and all aspects of the creative process through visual and performance examples. This is an intimate and interactive happening that invites those interested in the arts to observe and/or participate in the discussion, Q&A, and creative processes. The Salon is a safe space for artists and lovers of art to meet and interact in a calm and inspiring atmosphere that fosters and promotes creativity.

For the artist, it is a place to experiment or share a new work or a fragment of an idea among caring colleagues. For the arts-enthusiast, it is a place to mingle with people who have devoted their lives to their art. For all of us, it is a place to discover, to learn, and to develop the artist in each of us, to be motivated to bring beauty to life…to go above and beyond life’s trivialities.



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